Acid is All Geared Up To Take The Music Industry By Storm With His Fresh New Release “Splash”

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Acid, Lamond - Splash
Acid, Lamond - Splash

Michigan-based artist, Acid drops his latest single “Splash” from his upcoming EP, Admiration. Acid is all geared up to take the music industry by storm with his fresh new release “Splash”, which is a mix of new-age pop and hip-hop. The enthusiastic artist brings traditional hip-hop music to a brand-new level by introducing his unique mix of genres that possess joyfulness, which gives the audience a musical bliss to the ears.

The upbeat tune disguised in hip-hop expresses what it’s like to be a pop star, admired and attracted by women. The experience of being an artist is shared in the track. The dynamic vocals coming from Acid's charismatic voice along with the compelling lyrics bring the track to life. His passion and energy generated from the track enhance the essence of the song in a fun mood with a melody line interesting enough to linger around the ears of a listener for a very long time. Moreover, the sound design in the track is impressive, giving it a groovy and danceable atmosphere. This single is set to be a new hit for Acid with these high standards of music production.

“Splash” is available on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Acid on Facebook for more information and to keep up-to-date.