Aternity, from Connecticut, Drops Majestic Yet Hard-hitting Record "Ruminate"

Aternity, from Connecticut, brings a cinematic influence to hard-hitting bass and uplifting melodies for a sound that combines aggression and euphoria. His movie trailer styled production reveals a fresh perspective to the scene.

Aternity - Ruminate | Music Republic Magazine

This track, "Ruminate", takes you through his reality-warping experiences of "Derealization / Depersonalization" from the initial sensations, through the depths of existential thought, all the way through the breakthrough moment of overcoming it. Every sound, rhythm, and repetition was carefully crafted to convey the thoughts, emotions, and sensations of every part of the experience as it unfolded. This story is his most honest and vulnerable piece of work to date.

Aternity - Ruminate | Music Republic Magazine


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