Aven Drops His Latest Dubstep Single, “Reflections”, Which Features A Mystifying Atmosphere

Aven drops his latest Dubstep/Chillstep single, “Reflections”, which features a chilly and mystifying atmosphere. Currently based in Detroit, Aven is a rising electronic music producer originating from the PNW. As a long-time and full-fledged DJ with a passion for music curation, he’s spanned genres from house and bass to hip hop and trap. Now he draws on these styles and personal experience to produce tracks across multiple genres ranging from his wobbly bass tune released on Wub Tub to his minimal UK house track on Kayak Records all within his first year of production.

As Aven’s journey in the electronic music industry has been depicted in many flavors in the form of his versatile artistry and talents, the idea for “Reflections” is brought about and to make something powerful and mysterious. The single is a sonic musical blend with a unique sound design drenched in a chilly and mystifying atmosphere. It is the perfect tune for a late-night drive. The song also highlights low bassy growls and a spaced-out melody with an atmospheric vocal in the background.

“Reflections” is out now! Follow Aven on his social media for more information.

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