Awe-inspiring Artist Lochlainn & Rapper Skrilla Drop New Single, "Livin’ Great"

Lochlainn & Skrilla - Livin' Great | Music Republic Magazine

Up-and-coming electronic record producer and bass-driven artist Lochlainn, born in Northern California, drops a new single, ‘Livin’ Great’, that is sure to shake up the eyes and ears of listeners in the scene.

Lochlainn | Music Republic Magazine

Featuring the multi-facet talents of rapper Skrilla, this track is a powerhouse of lyricism mixed with driving bass dynamics and a melodious crescendo. This single is surely a statement from both artists; they’re definitely aiming to take this industry by storm. All in all, "Livin' Great" from Lochlainn and Skrilla is undoubtedly well-produced and well-composed, simply a true masterpiece.

Listen "Lochlainn & Skrilla - Livin' Great" below :

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