Brainheart & Brett Miller Drops Their First Of Many Singles In 2021, “Surface”

Israeli EDM/pop producer, Brainheart has joined forces with NYC-grown, pop/r&b singer/ songwriter, Brett Miller to create and release an unforgettable 6-song EP.

“Surface” is their lead-off single, telling the story of love lost and communication severed, but also of triumph in accepting it’s time to move on. A relatable story for most, Brett’s lyrics revealing his past relationship and how he sees things moving forward are beautifully supported over the chills-inducing production from Brainheart. The track combines radio-ready, pop vocals and songwriter, with the modern, hooky sounds and rhythms of electronic dance music, to hit the average listener just right.

Having found each other during summer quarantine in 2020, each teammate brings their superior strengths to the table. As Brainheart effortlessly constructs rich soundscapes that transport the listener to a dream-like euphoria, Brett Miller steps up to the mic and unravels his inner truths; sculpting them into clever, meaningful lyrics, sung in his tone of gold. A serious musical match for the ages.

The two are set to feature each single on their EP, one by one throughout the year, all leading up to the premiere of the whole collection in late 2021. With the release of “Surface” on February 19th, we will be underway to hearing a lot of this pair in 2021, and years to come. Be sure to remember, you heard of them here first!