Branden Fahey, AURO Unfolds His Latest Release "Corrupted" With A Stunning Taste

Auro - Corrupted | Music Republic Magazine

With dubstep and hybrid trap elements, "Corrupted" by Branden Fahey , also known as AURO from United States, is simply a gem for music listeners that love hard-hitting music. "Corrupted" consists melodic plucks, big lead synths as well as melody. Interesting sound design presented by this release will gradually unfold itself and attracts its audience.

Auro - Corrupted | Music Republic Magazine

Introduction to AURO:

Hello, I'm Branden Fahey or better known as AURO. I have lived in the United States my entire life and would like to travel given the opportunity. I have loved music since the day I was born (As many of us have). I especially loved piano music. Specifically, the work of Myuuji, Yiruma, Satie, and Debussy. The way they expressed so much emotion inspired me to learn how to play. Thus begins my journey. I was set on learning how to play the piano. Due to my circumstances, there was no opportunity to get private lessons and, at the time, I didn't know of any school programs.

Fast forward 2 years, I have become pretty decent through YouTube synthesized midi videos. My friend took notice of this and asked if I had taken the piano class. I responded with no, having previously believed there to be no such thing. I immediately took action to get myself into that class. A year and a half later and I was in my school's jazz band as well as the piano class. During this transition, I had started to make my music. I experimented with improvisation and developed my listening to translate what I wanted to hear to what I played. This served to greatly help me get my music ideas down and later helped me in electronic music production. Anyways, during this time I improved greatly and met some cool people. Towards the end of my high school career, I had performed several times for my school and in competitions/ juries. But I felt like something was missing, something more to music. I found that later through electronic music.

During the summer before my freshmen year of college, I had begun to devote my time to computer music production. I had tinkered with electronic music before but got pretty much nowhere with free programs. But I was more musically mature than previous times(At least I thought I was). So I took the leap and downloaded a free trial of Ableton Live. I set myself on a goal to made use of every day that I had access to. From there I soon realized that there was little correlation between making music on the piano to making music electronically. I did not know the sound design or mixing and mastering techniques or anything. All I could do at the time was come up with midi stems for random presets. I was familiar with how to make a melody, chord progression, and a simple structure but that was the limit of my knowledge.

Auro - Corrupted | Music Republic Magazine

Despite this downfall, I persisted and worked on learning the ropes as best I could. After the trial expired I received a code for Ableton lite in a midi controller package. I used this to further my exploration and eventually bought the full version once I felt that I was ready to learn more techniques. While this was all happening I started my studies for music composition. Due to the college credits I had received in high school, I was bumped up to a 2nd-year composition class. In this class, we were assigned to make a piece of music and demonstrated various levels of composition. I took this opportunity to make an electronic music track to receive live feedback and instruction on what to improve. For the production process, I turned to youtube. During this period I learned a ton of different techniques for sound design and effects processing. While presenting in the class was less helpful as most people gave no real constructive feedback but I don't blame them most people were making orchestration music or acoustic music. Coming towards the end of the first semester I had a finished track that I was proud of.

Proceeding this time I started to make more music and through every project I made myself learn something new each time. First I tried to make an entire track with one sample. I manipulated that sample with audio warping, quantization, transposition, and time stretching. I would take the resulting artifacts and plug them into a sampler instrument. If I was happy with the sound then I would make some kind of midi stem and build my song that way. I followed a similar line of thinking to learn how to manipulate synths, morph audio, process effects, make smoother transitions, song structure, and more.

With my developments I have significantly improved my work flow and production quality. I am proud to say that I have released 10+ new tracks in the past 4 months. Most of these songs are on my 3 new albums. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. With all of these new developments I have gained a significant amount of experience and knowledge of music production. I plan to keep up my momentum up and produce more and more.

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