Charlotte-based Emcee, SWATS With Strong Artistry Drops “Memories”with Gavin Maestro

Charlotte-based emcee, SWATS with strong artistry in hip-hop, pop, EDM, and synth-wave, drops “Memories” with his cousin, Gavin Maestro, marking it as the first time they have collaborated on a music project. As a native of North Carolina, SWATS shows superb illustrious acts both on stage and in the studio as he has deep roots and passion in music-making, where he began creating sounds in his early life along with his immediate family from Philadelphia. He presents his diversified musical taste, charismatic music expertise, and stylish musical arrangement through this fresh single.

Furthermore, “Memories” along with "Opaque" will be featured on the artist’s upcoming album, tentatively named "Live Wire". On the surface, Memories is a breakup song with crisp, sultry, and confident vibes, which does not contain any negativity and sadness in an unmeaningful way. Throughout the track, It paints a picture of moments in a relationship where people try to break free but keep finding themselves back where they started time and again. Maybe this time, they'll be able to pull out of the toxic relationship, leaving the other with only their memories.

Memories” is available now on all major platforms.

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