Chrona Unveils New Cinematic Dubstep Release, "Creep", Featuring Danielle Goz

Chrona continues to shatter genre boundaries with his new cinematic dubstep release, Creep, featuring the haunting and dreamy vocals of Danielle Goz. Chrona presents his sensual creative techniques throughout the musical process of Creep by providing it an immersive, impressive, and epic experience for the track with a cinematic dubstep approach. The expressive production characteristics and engaging melodies meet the professionalism with a defiant level of optimism. Starting life as Danielle’s beautiful acoustic reinterpretation of Radiohead’s infamously deep-rooted Creep, the creative spark fired in Chrona at first sight to create the remix.

Chrona, a NYC/Cleveland-based digital artist and EDM music producer, started his journey with the simple goal of discovering himself and finding freedom. Since then he has opened for Louis the Child, remixed Two Friends, and placed 4th of 15000 in the Chainsmokers Takeaway Remix contest. With his freedom achieved in the background, Chrona now has his laser light sight set on the relentless pursuit of Main Stage, and to create a show beyond the scope of the current EDM world. With nothing capable of standing in his way anymore, only time will tell.

Danielle Goz, a NYC/LA-based singer/songwriter and music producer, is an emerging artist with a dark and dreamy perspective. She originally started gaining popularity as a result of her beautiful and creative music covers on Instagram, but now she is moving into the space of expressing herself and showing the world the kind of artist she is capable of being.