Cody Dube Drops His Latest Chill Indie Pop Single, "Run to You"

Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer, Cody Dube who currently lives in Melbourne, drops his latest chill indie-pop single “Run to You”. His latest single showcases a story narrative that revolves around an emotional relationship and his love for someone. It features Cody’s charismatic and sultry vocals along with attractive guitar riffs. Moreover, the upbeat electro-pop vibes fuel with artistic indie musical arrangement and composition have lifted the enticing and spirited tone of the single. His superb songwriting brings out the true musical essence of his authentic feelings that he is keen on presenting through “Run to You”.

The enchanting melodies, vibrant synths, and alluring soundscape have enlightened the listening experience of the audience, making it the perfect tune to be played on repeat. Moreover, the single has a heart of its own as the musical notes in the track lead the way to open one’s heart. Besides, his artistic ability interlaced with overwhelming emotions has successfully aided him to express his inner feelings.

“Run to You” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Cody Dube on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his upcoming projects.