Creative and Passionate Canadian Electronic Music Producer, Jeneva Drops Her Latest Single “Mhm”

Creative and passionate Canadian electronic music producer, Jeneva drops her latest single “Mhm”. Jeneva is passionate about exploring the world through the depths of deep, rhythmic, and melodic waves. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, the artist started recognizing her talents as a musician at a very young age. The single features a stylish, modern, and artistic blend of melodic ambiance that perfectly sets the mood to soothe the mind of the audience. The musical arrangements contain dreamy and unique sound design packed in a detailed production with late-night vibes. The song is simply engaging and chill too despite being in the electronic music industry with explosive sounds.

Jeneva is in the constant pursuit of painting pictures with her unique sound and deep-diving into a space you have yet to hear. After releasing her first project titled BASEMENT in 2019, which includes her hit single “Sugar”, Jeneva has now released her full-length album titled 1995 on all streaming platforms.

This track was created from a place of indifference. I have always been an "all or nothing" type of girl. It's always been difficult for me to be in two places at the same time whether it be physically or mentally which can sometimes be exhausting. This song uses a melody that feels nostalgic but also makes you want to give up the idea that you have to make a decision between the two. You can be both happy and sad all at once, just as you can miss someone and still not want to be around them. This song represents that "hard to balance" dichotomy. -Jeneva

"Mhm" is out now on major music streaming platforms. Follow Jeneva on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.