D3LT4 Drops His Latest Single “TURF WAR”, Featuring His So-called "Cyberpunk Trap"

D3LT4 drops his latest single “TURF WAR”, featuring his so-called "cyberpunk trap". D3LT4, a talented artist who loves idiosyncratic music and hybrid sounds, showcases his unique soundscape and sound design of the track, where he carefully crafts modern hip hop sounds with cyberpunk-inspired futurism. He fuses his raw emotions into rapturous melodies utilizing his boundless creative artistry in a trap music setting. Hence, the result is an epic resonance with a majestic twist in the single.

D3LT4 started building his genre-fusing sound at college, DJing local house concerts at Kent State University before graduating and returning to the Washington DC area. He currently aims to produce a unique hybrid sound that blends modern hip hop basses, swift rap vocals, and vibrant electronic synths to really push the boundaries of today’s sounds and to help forge tomorrow’s.

“TURF WAR” is D3LT4 latest take on cyberpunk trap! Whenever he creates, he always tries to mix different sounds and vibes! “I really think it came out well here!”, said D3LT4. The 1st drop is inspired by more bouncy bass found in a pop trap. However, he really wanted to get weird and futuristic, so for the 2nd drop, he created some basses that were super inspired by gritty mid-tempo sounds and that awesome Max Brhon “cyberpunk” vibe that we all know and love.

For me, “TURF WAR” is only the very beginning of a long and fun journey that will involve steps on both sides of the EDM and Hip Hop atmospheres. I can’t wait for you all to hear what’s next! – D3LT4

“TURF WAR” is available now on all major platforms. Follow D3LT4 on Instagram to keep up to date.