D3LT4 Unveils His Latest Cyberpunk-Inspired Single, “UNSTOPPABLE”.

Mixing heavy Trap 808s and Cyberpunk-inspired synths, “UNSTOPPABLE” is designed to set your workout playlist on fire! 'UNSTOPPABLE' immediately intrigues the listeners for its originality with its opener and progressively showcases its trip-hop/trap fusion style sound design. The soundscape is overall unique yet effective to embrace the listeners to enjoy throughout the single. D3LT4 tried to find a unique sound here as the rap vocals are much more pronounced and upfront. The rap verses then lead into a build-up that transitions us into a much more electronic style of drop! One of his favorite parts of this track is the main drop lead, specifically engineered to bring in a sense of sound that is kinetic, yet distinctly electronic!

“I hope you all enjoy it! More is definitely on the way!”, said D3LT4.