David Brown Drops New EP, “Wayward Blues & Co.” That Features Alluring Blues And Suave Jazz

David Brown's “Wayward Blues & Co.” EP

Blues singer, songwriter, and musician, David Brown drops new EP, “Wayward Blues & Co.” that features 5 multi-themed tracks with alluring blues, tempting acoustic sounds, and suave jazz. The Wade, NC born artist who is currently living in the Bay Area, inspired himself to create this delicate EP along with compelling storytelling through personal hardships and life-changing experiences. Thus, each of the tracks in the EP is filled with its own individuality, characteristics, and tone.

“Wayward Blues & Co.” showcases a distinctive story narrative that revolves around his inner struggles, depression, reckless choices, and his love for someone. The ep unfolds with the opening track “Devil Inside of Me”, presenting raw vocals and soothing acoustic guitar riffs with a story about his darkness within that is consistently consuming him from being able to break free from his personal struggles. Secondly, “Leah” showcases a chill, steamy and intimate tone in a story about his desire and love for a woman. After that, “Whiskey Bottle Blues” tells a story about his addiction to alcohol with Whiskey in particular, in conjunction with his personal despair. Furthermore, “These Four Walls” features the most interesting music composition of all the tracks in the EP with majestic sound design, revealing himself “trap” within with nothing but misery and memories. Lastly, “I’m Comin’ Home” is a high tempo track that tells a story about his hardships and tough journey in life. The EP by David Brown is simply a gem that covers the boundless adventures along with the true musical essence of the songs brought by the artist.

"Wayward Blues & Co." is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow David on Instagram and visit his website for more updates on his upcoming releases.

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