Ded Stark Shares His Latest Album “STARK STASH: VOLUME ONE” [Album Review]

December 8th, 2020, Ded Stark introduced his latest album STARK STASH: VOLUME ONE”, a 10-track album filled with emotions and full of ambitions. The album has a nice fuse between Hip-hop, Rap, and Pop. Moreover, the songs in the album consist of high-quality production, on-point beats, and catchy hooks with interesting lyrics. Ded Stark expresses his journey with feeling like an outcast and frame of mind. This is brought up in one of the songs, Awkward, as he tries to discover himself and set in motion about staying true to himself through some misunderstandings. The songs in the album “STARK STASH: VOLUME ONE” have earned Music Republic’s respect by putting out this timeless masterpiece, having Backwardsto be our favorite due to the nature of the song with a 2020 Action / Sci-fi hit “TENET” by Christopher Nolan’s film vibe.


Rating: 85/100

STARK STASH: VOLUME ONE is available now on Spotify, Soundcloud and all other major platforms.

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