Dive Down To A Stunning Deep House Anthem With Marcel Scott On His Latest Single “Make Me Nervous”

Dive down to a stunning deep house anthem with Marcel Scott on his latest single “Make Me Nervous" signed with Blanco & Negro music. The rising artist is thriving on producing the best quality of electronic music, putting all his effort into building the perfect musical soundscape for the audience. The track is both astonishing musically with electrifying chords and lyrically with amazing vocal hooks. He successfully created a hypnotic tune to capture the audience’s heart with his prolific electronic music-producing skills, showing his utmost ability through this delightful single.

According to Marcel Scott, the idea was born when he found the acapella in “Splice” (a digital platform to download music samples). He aimed to do something danceable with deep-house vibes for this summer, a part in which the bass predominates and another part in which the melody stands out.

“Make Me Nervous” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Marcel Scott on his social media to keep up to date.