Djay Aux Drops His Latest Dance-pop Single, 'Paradise', Featuring Ella Allice

Djay Aux drops his latest dance-pop single, 'Paradise', featuring Ella Allice. Djay Aux delivers boldly with a fresh new level of professionalism and skills into the world of dance-pop, especially with this multi-layered sound design and musical arrangement. It contains infectious summer-style vibes which consistently invoke the listeners throughout its impressive chord progression and musical style. The singer, Ella Allice meanders softly along with the rhythm of the track, bringing some youthfulness to the soundscape, wherein we can hear superb vocals, that are truly charismatic.

With students around the globe planning to go back to school, there is a general feeling of nervousness and anxiety in the air. Regardless, we're all hopeful in leaving the comfort of our homes, some of us even our countries, to a Paradise that holds limitless opportunities. As a fellow student going through the same feelings, it was almost natural to write and produce a song about it for all of us to stay strong and positive.

Paradise is out now! Follow Djay Aux on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.