Do Expect Dezabel to Steal the Show With His Latest Single, “Before It Began”

Do expect dezabel to steal the show and take the music industry by storm with his latest single, “Before It Began”, which is a piece of modern pop music with individualist R&B vibes that is set to be available soon in major music streaming platforms. The single features urban rhythms and orchestral riffs to fetch the audiences with impressive melodic tunes through his heart-warming musical arrangements with carefully selected sound design. The listeners can also expect some energetic compositions from the single too as it consists of some toned-down electronic musical elements that stimulate dance grooves for all. Furthermore, listeners might risk the catch of an earworm through the addictive chorus of the single dazzling across the ears.

The song, refined with a pinch of oriental sonic spice, results in a distinctive sound, in which dezabel shows his ability to unite different cultures, hence possesses the ideal and absolute character as a sensational musical artist. As an artist of multicultural descent, dezabel has continuously repeated many experiments with various sounds from different regions and cultures of the world, including acoustic, electronic, or any other nature of sounds.

The artist found an interesting concept to let listeners tune in for the ideal voice of the song as dezabel will be releasing two versions of the single at once, either one that features co-writer Julia Ross with her warm and soulful voice or one that features Jazelle Paris (JVZEL) with her urban R&B voice. Both singers have charismatic and charming voices with flawless vocals. Anyone who has ever entered into a relationship even though they knew there was no long-term perspective will quickly find themselves in "Before It Began."

The song will be out soon on July 16, 2021. So, make sure to pre-save the single here on your favourite music streaming platforms and follow dezabel on Spotify.

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