Do Not Disturb Drops Edgy And Hypnotic Deep House Record "Who Am I"

Dec 16, 2020, Do Not Disturb unveiled to his fans across the world by announcing his new deep house track "Who Am I". He hope that his music can drift people to a magical journey and feel whatever emotions that are brought out by it. His music is also heavily inspired by Whipped Cream, Galimatias, and Rome in Silver

Do Not Disturb - Who Am I | Music Republic Magazine
Do Not Disturb - Who Am I | Music Republic Magazine
This song mostly comes from me trying to find myself through all the stress and anxiety i've been dealing with. I've been experimenting with different sounds while trying to not focus so hard on what genre is falls into. - Do Not Disturb

"Who Am I" is a work of deep house art that deeply reflects on our own wellbeing, bringing you to self reflect to be better. The melodic introduction feels like pure hope. Gradually drifting to the drop with dark and edgy atmosphere. “Who Am I" manages to be dark, yet contains full of emotion.

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