Eccentric Drops His Latest Future Bass Single, “unspoken affection”, Filled With Uplifting Vibes

Talented artist, Eccentric drops his latest future bass single, “unspoken affection”, filled with uplifting vibes and aesthetic sound design. Make sure to explore the best of electronic music with Eccentric’s exquisite music production on this magnificent single. Besides, the artist amped-up his music production skills by brilliantly executing the musical composition and arrangement of this dreamlike single, showing his stellar expertise in the realm of electronic music.

The single showcases impactful and upbeat energy with full of twists in certain segments of the tune, which created a never-ending electrifying mood through his creative approach. The high-spirited tone along with the massive synths are certain to make the audience feel alive, making them to lost track of time while playing this rhythmically charged soundscape on loop. His melodic embrace on this uplifting anthem emits the true essence of future bass, which helps to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole track without skipping a beat.

“unspoken affection” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Eccentric on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with his upcoming projects.