Emerging Artist, Proxym From Canada Drops Chilling New Electronic Single "Departure"

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

EP "Between Two World"

Coming from Quebec, Canada, Proxym is an emerging artist that produce electronica. By its real name Alexandre, he started music in 2014 first creating beats on Garage Band. Soon to discover that this would bring his passion for creating music. He has now evolved his palette of sounds into rich, powerful and organic sounding songs. By releasing his first single "Colorless" in 2018, the project Proxym was born. A musical project with no boundaries. Proxym present an array of electronic sound with no genre attach to it. Later on Proxym released his first EP "Between Two World" on november 2020.

Photo of Proxym | Music Republic Magazine

Release independently, Departure is the first song of his debut ep "Between Two Worlds". This instrumental piece blend trap beats with soothing guitar elements and synth. Thus creating a rich sound for this composition. While being very soothing it is also very upbeat. Departure aimed to bring joy to it's listener and a little bit of nostalgic feeling to the mix. This song is called Departure because it is the begining of something new for Proxym's carreer.

Photo of Proxym (Credit: Maxim Lussier) | Music Republic Magazine

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