Emerging Artist Squeet Unveils Electrifying Future Bass Single “Where I’ll Go”

Squeet is presenting the second Forevermore collection piece “Where I’ll Go”! A folk-infused melodic electronic track, featuring two different styles of vocals and a trademark Squeet glitch drop in the chorus. The inspiration for this piece is all about the struggles of creating art and trying to improve upon it technically while maintaining the passion and love for creating along the way. It highlights the low moments that you experience as an artist, but also the euphoria of breaking through those valleys and reaching for your dreams. He successfully induced a thematic style with future bass vibes in his music while making a connection with the audience on a higher level. Melodic and energetic to enliven the spirits of his fans with enriching musical compositions, the aspiring and well-talented artist is crafting a unique identity for himself, which is “Squeet”.

This track as previously mentioned is the second part of the Forevermore collection, so it is one of the seven tracks that will be dropping in three-week intervals. Each track will highlight a different perspective of the artistic journey I have been through and display the embodiment of all that I have learned.

“It’s not every day you get the chance to share your ideas with the world and have someone listen. I’m just grateful I can produce music for you, and someone is there to hear” -Squeet