Emerging Artists Mushrm & Sound Of Sun Announce New Single "Let Me Know"

Mushrm & Sound Of Sun are a group of friends and emerging artists that produce electronic music as well as film score. Although Mushrm is based in Canada and Sound Of Sun is based in Egypt, they are still capable to synergize and produce sensational content with good chemistry.

Mushrm & Sound Of Sun - Let Me Know

"Let Me Know" is an electronic dance music anthem with adequate pop elements, which the story is about a complicated love relationship that serves to prop up listeners. They channel an ample amount of teamwork and energy into the production of this single, where it features a rhythmic beat, powerful bass, and kick along a beautiful female vocal. Also, the chords presented serve the single well by amplifying the mood of the couple's relationship.

Listen to "Mushrm & Sound Of Sun - Let Me Know" now on Spotify and other major platforms.

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