Emerging Electronic Music Producer, Zight Unveils His Latest Single “Fly Away”, Featuring Sonna Rele

Emerging electronic music producer, Zight unveils his latest single “Fly Away”, featuring Sonna Rele. Hailing from Hong Kong, Zight presents a captivating yet power-packed single to the audience filled with enthralling vibes. Also, the creative process coming from the talented producer is somehow idiosyncratic in the way he crafts his distinctive sound design throughout his releases despite the fact that the artist suffers from a neurological disorder called “synesthesia”, which means that his emotions are often transferred into melodies in his mind. Besides the hardships, the artist tries his best to pave the way to success in music.

By taking a different approach and perspective, the rising artist makes an eccentric entry into the scene with stunning melodies that resonate grippingly through the thumping and electrifying drops along with Sonna Rele’s alluring vocals. The single is equally mesmerizing in terms of both musical composition and vocal performance, capable of touching the audience’s emotions. The tempestuous energy and passion shown by Zight in this single have earned our respect. We are looking forward to his future releases.

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