Experience A Fun And Pleasurable Musical Journey With Squeet On His Latest Single, “Forevermore”.

Experience a fun and pleasurable musical journey with Squeet on his latest single, “Forevermore”. Explore the fun rhythmic energy of electronic music with Squeet’s latest single, fusing brilliancy, happiness, and amusement that makes you get up and groove to its melodious synths. The single is a dynamic musical anthem with stylistically unpredictable twists and turns.

After the big splash that Squeet’s previous track “Final Boss” made in Spotify and several small electronic music circles, Squeet decided it was time to release more regularly and provide a consistent stream of new music for his followers. After a couple months of creating following the release of Final Boss, it’s now time to unveil the Forevermore collection! A new song will be dropping every month on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and all large music providers in the theme of the Forevermore style. Ranging from old NCS dance music to electronic-infused folk and even trippy Psy Trance, that will be rounding out the explorative collection. The collection will be all about infusing genres that normally don’t belong together, searching for sounds that haven’t been yet created, and finding a place for glitchy sound design in melodic pieces.

“I’m grateful for the way Final Boss was received, and I want to thank everyone by providing a variety of approaches to the same inspiration that created that very song. Breaking genre barriers and mixing musical styles. It means the world to me to share that with all of you.” - Squeet