Florida-based Artist, Proph3t of RAG3 Drops A New Dark Electronic Music Single, “Venom”

Florida-based artist, Proph3t of RAG3 drops a new dark electronic music single, “Venom”. Proph3t of RAG3 is currently paving his way in this lucrative music industry by standing out as a unique talent since he utilizes distinctive dark vibes filled with intense emotion in this distinguished dubstep record. He impresses the audience with his great finesse in electronic music production by delivering his tempestuous aura and energy to the audience through this massive single, thus making the audience feel alive. He sets out a new dimension and depth by fulfilling his gifted artistry in this thrilling masterpiece.

“Venom” reveals a dark and hair-raising experience for the listeners with his superior sound design, where it successfully replicated a dreadful atmosphere full of tension. The electrifying synths, rhythmic basslines, and powerful leads blend effortlessly with the engulfing vocals from singer, Samantha Bower by supplying a lyrical melody to the track. Proph3t of RAG3 is hoping for the listeners to resonate with the track, “Venom”, in a powerful and high-spirited way. Listeners are brought into a journey through a druid forest, where voices are heard “crying” out melodically as if they are persuading you to follow it. The inspirational artist has produced a new mystical realm in terms of mixing intriguing melodies and free-flowing his idea to perfect the soundscape of this single, the result is a class of its own. In addition, Proph3t of RAG3 enjoys connecting with his fans through his powerful music production and showing his dark side of storytelling through critical dubstep tunes with superb sound design.

“Venom” is available now on all major music streaming platforms. Follow Proph3t of RAG3 on Instagram for more updates on his upcoming projects.