GRLSKOUT Unveils Her Latest Deep House Mixtape “Reflections"

Expect Marta, professionally known as GRLSKOUT, both a DJ/Producer and Singer/Songwriter, to steal the show with her immersive and captivating mixtape, “Reflections”. “Reflections” is a masterly accomplishment by GRLSKOUT, it is a vibrant and high-spirited deep house mixtape for all avid music listeners including party ravers, gamers, and casual listeners that swings like a pendulum between familiar and unpredictable sounds which are pleasant to the ears, filled with surprises. The head bobbing, stylish, groovy, and rhythmic vibes in the mixtape emit liveliness and zest that help to rejuvenate the listeners with enthusiasm in conjunction with new energy.

The driving beats, enchanting melodies, alluring vocals, bright synths, and vast soundscape that are included in the mixtape enlighten the entire listening experience to a whole new level of dance grooves, making it an appealing candidate for the audience to play on-repeat. The seamless transitions between tracks along with amazing music selections and smooth music flow, clearly show GRLSKOUT's expertise as a Dj and music producer. Moreover, the mixtape seems to have a heart of its own as it leads the way to open one’s heart through a journey of thrills and emotions. Her artistic ability and thoughtful storytelling interlaced with overwhelming emotions have successfully granted her the power to express her inner feelings through this mixtape, “Reflections”, which also symbolizes the truth about something because a reflection can not be changed

Born in Warsaw, Poland but raised in Canada, Marta (GRLSKOUT) grew up playing & listening to many genres of music, where she dedicates her time later on in her music career between studio work and DJing top venues and high-profile events. Basically, her whole life revolves around music. Over the last 8 years, through consistency and tenacity, Marta has built a widely respected following in Southern California and has solidified her position as a leader among today’s female Music Producers & DJs. Moreover, she achieved numerous spectacular and renowned achievements like having the opportunity to play Fashion Week in Paris, New York & LA, as well as playing at the main stage in Beyond Wonderland, one of the Insomniacs leading EDM festivals.

“Reflections” is available now on SoundCloud. Follow GRLSKOUT on her Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud to stay up-to-date with his upcoming projects as well as visiting her website.

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