GUIDED BY SPIRITS’s Latest Single, “Sanction” Explores The Painful Moments Of Anxiety

GUIDED BY SPIRITS’s latest single, “Sanction” explores the painful moments of anxiety with utmost slenderness in a fusion of electronic music and hip-hop. It is inspired by one of his favourite artists, Clams Casino. The artist is breaking through the musical scene as he showcases atmospheric and melodic vibes with heavy emotions in his latest single. The single reflects on his authentic feelings to inspire the public and spread positivity.

Six years ago, GUIDED BY SPIRITS embarked on a journey within. The journey was making music. During that time, GUIDED BY SPIRITS was dealing with a lot of anxiety and as a result, he spent a lot of time in his room. It was only a matter of time before he turned his energy toward music-making. His approach is to create a song from the inside out, "I focus on how I feel, and I let my memories tell a story through the notes I hit".

Although there are no audible lyrics in his soothing electronic dance music, he hopes to connect people to a story, one they can feel for themselves. Creating music has been a therapy process that has connected him. In turn, his music is also therapeutic for others. He currently resides in a cat cave located in Vancouver B.C, where his bedroom studio is located, among his favourite four-legged associates.