Hades Drops His Latest Electronic Music Single, “You” Which Features Futuristic Vibes

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Hades drops his latest electronic music single, “You” which features futuristic vibes with amazing artistry. Hades etched out a unique flavor to the single with his talented music production skills by building complex rhythms, catchy synths, and electrifying leads for the single. Hades is certainly many avid electronic music listeners' favorite artist in recent times due to his astonishing expression of musical essence in his music, as if he is directly communicating with his fans through music. The melody of the single brings you through a journey of escapism with addictive chords and hard-hitting bass. Furthermore, the vocal effects positioned in the track adds a unique touch to the track, giving a sense of intimacy and distinctiveness along with its “Black Mirror” vibes.

“You” is out now on major music streaming platforms. Follow Hades on Instagram to stay up-to-date.