Hazed Whodini Unveils His Latest Electrifying And Addictive Hip-hop/Rap Single, “Black Chucks”

The up-and-coming rapper, Hazed Whodini unveils his latest electrifying and addictive hip-hop/rap single, “Black Chucks” (prod by CJX). The passionate and bona fide hip-hop artist presents his latest single by proving his charismatic and authentic musical expertise by carefully crafting this enthralling and dynamic single together with eloquent song-writing, thus capturing and holding one's attention in a listen. Besides, his dauntless aura throughout the whole track has extended the musical essence of hip-hop and rap music through his genuine emotions. With the continuous rise of hip-hop and rap music, the uprising, and suave hip-hop artist, Hazed Whodini is here to present his musical journey and is trying his best to claim a prominent spot in this ever-growing music industry with the help of his latest release. It will not be a surprise if his latest project becomes a hit and moves swiftly to the peak of eminence in a blink of an eye once the audience discovered this underrated gem.

Hazed Whodini has successfully etched out a stellar performance in “Black Chucks”, where he delivers the single with memorable hip hop renditions, pleasant lyricism, and well-executed vocal delivery. As a result, the audiences are able to feel the actual emotion and tone expressed from the single. Furthermore, the uber-cool single has lit up the ambiance with uplifting vibes and subtle nudges of funky elements throughout the track. For your information, his music is based on his real-life, where music is a huge part of his passion ever since he was put into foster care. He never had anything to keep him on the right path and to lean on until music got into his life. He stopped feeling sorry for his past and never had any regrets about the mistakes he made. Then, he got better over time in music and think that he never have gotten on the mic if it wasn’t for that song saying that a person can’t get money if he don’t do nothing.

“Without music, I would not be where I am today and for that, I am extremely grateful that music takes us but word cannot and I fully believe that now after gaining over 1,000 followers. I have never felt so happy in my life.” - Hazed Whodini