Hi Love, A Heartfelt And Bona Fide R&B/Soul Artist, Presents Her Latest EP, “Cold Wind”

From the Southside of Chicago, Hi Love (formally known as Kamilah Sumner), a heartfelt and bona fide R&B/Soul artist, presents her latest EP, “Cold Wind”. Hi Love proves her diversified musical taste and multitalented skills by vigilantly crafting this dynamic EP with vast emotions and distinctive songwriting. The 6-track EP showcases extraordinary soulful melodies mixed with eccentric R&B elements to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and enthralled by her dauntless aura throughout the whole EP.

The emotion-attaching artist brings her signature soul-piercing touch to the forefront with her title track “Cold Wind”, featuring renowned artist Femdot. The aim of the EP is to find a virtuous place in a cold world and to adverse the challenges through the power of love and truth. She has left no stones unturned to steal the show with her amiable voice and beautifully-written lyrics as well as the splendid musical arrangement. The lively vocals radiate a series of enrapturing sounds that will stick in one’s head and resonate long after it has stopped playing.

Moreover, one of the records “Queen & Slim” from the EP, tells a story about the artist’s personal feelings in her relationship and unexpected turns in her romantic adventure, inspired by the movie itself. The EP was influenced by the unique blend of retro 90s genres like Soul, R&B and Hip-hop fused in a modern-day setting. Hi Love also describes the importance of awareness in the real world because it is often frigid, unwelcoming, and distressing. However, the courteous soul songstress encourages the listeners to persevere and face the obstacles ahead to break free from all the pain for a higher purpose.

Cold Wind is available now on all major music streaming platforms. Follow Hi Love on Instagram or visit her website for more information.