Husband and Wife Music Duo, “A1Rl1FT” Debuts Their Latest Single, “Lover”

Eric and Shirlene Beckmann, professionally known as, “A1RL1FT” debuts their latest single, “Lover”. The husband and wife duo from San Jose, California, have successfully displayed their brilliancy and professionalism for the future bass track, along with the angelic voice by Shirlene. The music duo are incredible artists that specialize in making electronic music with vocals, especially melodic dubstep. There is no doubt that this is a stunning piece of emotive future bass single wrapped in a dazzling melodic atmosphere that highlights the best of what the artists have to offer.

The drums and beautiful vocals build to a sensational explosive drop that hits hard with the electrifying synths and well-modulated bass. Her soft vocal brings soothing and enthralling effect to listeners, which inculcate the storytelling that depicts their relationship journey that has helped them to undergo the hardships during the awful pandemic back in 2020, inspiring the thought of audiences out there, with a desire to create songs and soundscapes that express and elevate the experiences of life.

“Lover” is available now on all major music streaming platforms. Follow their social media now to stay up to date.