Iconic Artist, Mvs3 Drops New Chill Single, "Industry Needs Some Love"

Mvs3 - Industry Needs Some Love (let ‘em have some)
Mvs3 - Industry Needs Some Love (let ‘em have some)

Iconic artist Mvs3 has released a new single called Industry Needs Some Love (let ‘em have some), crossing over into the downtempo with style via Turntable Talks label.

Photo of Mvs3
Photo of Mvs3

As a casual electronic music artist, the unique twist in direction for Mvs3 is widely welcomed for "Industry Needs Some Love" as it pumps out artfully crafted, unique, and original downtempo track that is as catchy and features beautiful vocals.Industry Needs Some Love (let ‘em have some) is a deep and stunning single that is soothing as a daily dose of chill vibes.

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