Lowke Drops His Latest Dubstep Single “Demons Follow You”

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Born and raised in Illinois, Lowke, formerly known as Tyler Knighton drops his latest dubstep single “Demons Follow You”. He is one of the pillars of the EDM scene in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which no doubt proved his incredible talent and credibility in this hard-hitting single. The explosive blending between the multi-layered musical sound design and euphoric energy has powerfully transmitted to the listeners with professionalism and artistry. It shows his absolute strength in the musical arrangement as well as his multitalented craftmanship on the single, bringing a clear definition of quality dubstep music. Lowke wrote this song over a year ago when he was struggling with his own inner demons, therefore the name “Demons Follow You” came to light from him overcoming and facing the various obstacles. It was indeed a dark time for him. “I hope this song reaches other people to show them to face their demons and not run from them.”, said Lowke.

From curating shows at Bass Elements to playing sold-out shows in Michigan, Lowke has been demolishing the greater Midwest circuit. Being classically trained in guitar, Lowke’s range of music variance is unmatched. Well-versed in all styles of EDM, he stands for the empowerment of others and togetherness. Lowke provides a wide range of music to cater perfectly to any bass event with top music selections and a positive message.

“Demons Follow You” is out now on major music streaming platforms. Follow Lowke on his social media to keep up-to-date.

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