Illinois Native Rapper Check’a Fred Kicks Off 2021 With His Latest Album “Check Mate !”

Check’a Fred - “Check Mate !”
Check’a Fred - “Check Mate !”

Illinois native rapper Check’a Fred (previously known as Young Check’a) kicks off 2021 with his latest album “Check Mate !”. The 13-track hip-hop/rap album gets down to Check’a Fred personal challenges and the obstacles faced in life, where he re-evaluates his subconscious mind and expresses his inner-thoughts throughout the whole album. In the story of the album, he decides to push through the barrier by facing the unknown and the darkness within. Also, the album talks about the process of breaking free and getting out of his comfort zone. He channels his self-reflection through the songs in the album, where the listeners can attempt to learn more about the fundamental nature and essence of life in order to improve the quality of life.

Although “Check Mate !” is a hip-hop/rap album, it features a vast range of musical elements like melodic chords, atmospheric synths, and electric guitar riffs from serious to somewhat joyful with the mood of the tracks in the album swinging from serious to moody and moody to somewhat joyful. Unique beat patterns and quality compositions along with his authentic lyricism as well as his pleasant vocals with impressive rap flow can be evident in “Check Mate !” and “Itty Bitty !”.

He gave his best efforts on delivering great lyricism in the songwriting of the album since 2019 when he first started working on it as he expresses himself in a vulnerable way to connect with his audience through his album. Furthermore, the album has guest features from Kidd Raw and Big Boss Q and is produced by Check’a Fred, Vicky The Producer, AyooTraa, and Mercy Cash.

As a bonus, he is soon dropping a music video for “Itty Bitty!” in early February and will conduct a Facebook live stream on the 30th of January. “Check Mate !” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Check’a Fred on Instagram or visit his website to keep up-to-date.