Karemann, A Music-duo Twins, Unveils Their New Single “Lovely”

Karemann, a music-duo twins with a total age of 54, drops their new single “Lovely”, which was originally performed by Billie Eilish and Khalid. The music duo etches out a soothing instrumental with upbeat and elegant melodies in this music single. The music duo stretched to infuse their roots of emotional and melodic progressive with dance grooves that result in a highly captivating soundscape for “Lovely”.

There was a time when this song was played up and down on the radio. “Every time we heard the song popped out, we were desperately waiting for the violin solo at the end of the song.” said Karemann. Thus, they knew that they had to work on the brilliant single by the pop sensations Billie Eilish and Khalid because the solo sounds so emotional and melancholic. According to Karemann, every great melody deserves a bassline and a kick drum, that's why they have cleverly added them.

Besides loving creativity in different aspects of life, their strengths are always up for some good food and being nice to strangers. Their weaknesses are definitely working on Sundays, overthinking, perfectionism (or rather, the fear of being wrong), and swearing every now and then.

“Lovely” is available now on all major music streaming platforms. Follow Karemann on Instagram for more updates on their upcoming projects.