KiLLTEQ’s Latest Single “My Melody” With D.HASH Brightens Up The Mood Of The Listeners

KiLLTEQ’s latest single “My Melody” with D.HASH brightens up the mood of the listeners as the track is filled with tuneful and rhythmic melody, just like the title suggested. The optimistic and vibrant musical aura is perceptible from their latest single since their professionalism and charismatic ability in music composing are clearly shown. KiLLTEQ and D.HASH are looking forward to attracting the attention of the audience with their debut release in 2021.

Besides, KiLLTEQ and D.HASH have got your back with their latest banger as they have shown their utmost effort in crafting the musical production and arrangement in "My Melody" that channels positivity and good vibes to the listeners by providing them an abundance of joyful energy. The song features catchy vocal hooks, rhythmic deep house basslines, melodic leads, and the attractive influence of an electric guitar, which successfully added more grooves to the track. The single is engaging, entertaining, and well-structured to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole track without skipping a beat.

My Melody is available now on all major platforms. Follow KiLLTEQ and D.HASH on their social media to stay up-to-date with their upcoming projects.

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