Kimia Jay Unveils Her Latest Dreamy Indie Pop/Chill Pop Single, “Higher”

Kimia Jay unveils her latest dreamy indie pop/chill pop single, focused on uplifting, melodic vocals with lush textures and minimal rhythmic elements. The artist keeps the soundscape creatively fresh with the infectious yet contrastingly soulful vocals through a magical personal storyline along with vibrant electronic musical elements. By injecting multiple layers of electronic musical instrumentals and euphoric synth downpours in a chill package, 'Higher' offers a somewhat captivating hook to resolve the weight and tone of the musical elements with serenity.

'Higher' is exploring the double-edged ideology of becoming your best self. In one way ‘Higher’ is describing seeing a part of yourself in someone else. When being with that person makes you want to constantly push yourself to become a better version of yourself. From another angle, ‘Higher’ is about diving deeper into levels of self-awareness, searching for ways to become what the best version of you could already be; and trying your best to become that person little by little. The inspiration behind this song came from an idea I had been exploring for some time. Writing songs about relationship experiences are always great, but before ‘Higher’ came to life, I was thinking about writing a song as if I’m having a conversation with a version of myself; expressing myself freely to another version of me rather than to someone else. I believe that once you begin to completely be true yourself, then expressing your truth to the world around you will occur more naturally.

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