KRUS3 Debuts First Future Bass Record, "By My Side" | Music Republic Magazine

KRUS3 - By My Side | Music Republic Magazine

Taking a step away from Dubstep, KRUS3, an electronic music producer from Honolulu, Hawaii, decided to showcase his dynamic creativity as a producer with his first Future Bass release, "By My Side". The sounds, composition and production of his first Future Bass record has set to amaze us, by providing some gorgeous electro-pop vibes like ILLENIUM and The Chainsmokers.

KRUS3 | Music Republic Magazine
KRUS3 | Music Republic Magazine

His roots as a Melodic Hardcore guitarist lends his music a distinct sense of rhythm and chord harmony. In 2016 he began experimenting with sound design and EDM production as an attempt to discover a creative outlet away from playing guitar. He eventually started uploading his experimental dubstep and remixes on Soundcloud under the moniker KRUS3. (based on 'Kruse', a German and Danish nickname for someone with curly hair.)

Beautiful guitar riffs, enchanting vocals & thunderstruck drop made this release a must to listen. Go ahead, give "By My Side" by KRUS3 a listen below via Spotify / Apple Music.

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