kryptos Unveils His Latest Single, "Dancing with Venus", Which Is Illicitly Desirable

Accomplished songwriter, singer, and producer, kryptos' new single "Dancing with Venus" reflects the waltz we all had with love from an ending relationship. With his unique ways of producing, kryptos is sure to impress you with his artistry, skillful production, and a mind for music like no one else. From chill to hard music, his portfolio includes any genre you can imagine. The flabbergasting vibes, valiant basslines, audacious synths, and soft piano in the single were presented with great finesse. It is filled with venomous and alluring vocals, propelling the pulsating track forward at many levels. Moreover, the hypnotic downtempo single is dished out with strong confidence, presenting the audience with authentic feelings in the rawest form.

Making music since he was 11 years old, kryptos develops every day his love to express himself through every song he wrote. From deep inside he turns every emotion or story he has into a unique piece of sensory goodness. "Dancing with Venus" is a perfect example, it reviews the ongoing madness we all dealt with love at least once in our lives. Showing how it can alter our thoughts and understanding of each other at the edge of a passionate attachment. Making us slowly realize if this is what we want. In this song, you'll feel sadness as well as acceptance and the beauty within.

Be prepared for a standout experience when you listen to kryptos because you're going to feel every note and every chord.

"My mind is my playground and my music is the showroom"-kryptos