La-Based Music Producer, Mikko Drops His Latest Single, “Timeless” With Uplifting Future Bass Vibes

LA-based music producer Austin Paap, known professionally as Mikko, drops his latest single, “Timeless” with uplifting future bass vibes. The 25-year-old electronic music producer makes spellbinding future bass and melodic dubstep music passionately, which he is influenced by the likes of Virtual Riot, Last Heroes, and more. Also, the rising producer showcases this stunning piece of emotive future bass set in an uplifting melodic music scape that is filled with massive enthralment, highlighting the artistry and musical talent of Mikko. The synths and leads build into energetic and intense drops, which prove his precipice towards stardom.

The song was inspired when Mikko was listening to the song “Singularity” by SOAR. After that, Mikko did some research on the song and found out that it was in a 3/4 time signature, so he decided to try and make a song in 3/4 and that’s how “Timeless” was born. “I was trying to think of a name for it when I came up with the idea of using a clock as high hats and came up with ‘Timeless’ shortly after”, mentioned Mikko. He then tied the name to a black hole as the closer you get to the center, the slower time goes, and that’s how the cover art came to be. In the end, he thought these all tied in and came together to help complete the song.

Timeless is available now on major music streaming platforms. Follow Mikko on his social media to stay up-to-date for more information.