Long Praised Producer Kryptos Strikes Again With His Latest Single, High Alert

Long praised producer kryptos strikes again, this time with a song at the opposite end of the spectrum. Some hardcore mid-tempo basses that will surely slap your face. High Alert embarks you on a journey in a dystopian future where machines rule the world and are hunting every last bit of humanity on the planet. Also, kryptos drives the audience towards an engaging yet conceptually unique soundscape through his exploration in High Alert that highlights his enigmatic personality. Professionally crafted, this banger takes you to another dimension. With its precise mastering and addictive melody, it'll make you go in a place between stank faces and noodle neck. Are you ready? The track has a stellar digital music arrangement with a hint of spooky bass grooves, churning out the flavors of hybrid trap by meandering through creative sound design and preternatural tone.

"Since the beginning of the mid-tempo genre, I've always been curious about the science behind what makes it so bouncy. A simple bassline with a sidechain and a LFO at a slow BPM will make your head bang like crazy. Now, what can I do to make it even harder and bouncier?" This track brings you to the future in a world overrule by androids, telling a story about a robot searching for a humanoid intruder (aka you the listener). You'll feel a little bit of stress as the song goes on and you can even feel the playfulness in the bot's voice when he's scanning for his pray as if it's liking to hunt you down. This feeling will go away as soon as the drop hits you in the face, cause gritty basses and mid frequencies are a "Rendez-Vous" and you'll feel the urge to make your head bop like never before.

So sit down, take some headphones and listen to this piece of art. Be sure to don't make any sounds though because every machine is on HIGH ALERT.

"My mind is my playground and my music is the showroom"-kryptos