Magnifier Drops A New Rock Album “Life, Love, Lost” That Is Full Of Energy And Storytelling

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Magnifier's album, "Life, Love, Lost"
Magnifier's album, "Life, Love, Lost"

December 2020, Jon Rhoten, known by his stage name Magnifier and who is also heavily influenced by British Invasion, Classic Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative, and Indie Music, drops a new rock album “Life, Love, Lost” that is full of energy and storytelling. The album is a huge mix of various genres such as rock and roll, psychedelic, alternative, and indie music. It showcases Magnifier’s ability and talent in creating music that is satisfactory to the ears of the listeners and a multi-thematic narrative that sets each of the music in the album with its own uniqueness apart.

The free-flowing album is highly enjoyable as Magnifier etched out authentic yet crisp rock and roll sounds with jagged edges in all the brilliantly executed tracks. Also, the rawness and authenticity can be felt throughout the tracks in the album, providing listeners the original form of the enthusiasm and the feelings transported once listened to the album. He brings out a captivating rhythm in his latest rock tunes, which feature exquisite progression and great melodic embrace, emitting the true essence in the music realm of rock music. Furthermore, the flabbergasting instrumentals, classic rock vibes, lyrical grandeur, and prominent vocals can be evident in “Solace” and “Take a Stand”, which alleviate the album to the next level. Lastly, Jon Rhoten is looking forward to produce new projects in 2021 by sharing his story through a unique, raw, and compelling narrative.

Life, Love, Lost is available now on all major platforms. Follow Magnifier on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest projects.