Malaysian-Born Electronic Music Producer & DJ, Pressure Kay Drops His Latest Single "Hope"

Pressure Kay drops his latest single, “Hope” with avant-garde sounds. The talented producer explores the beauty of lush sound design whilst surrounding the listeners with layers of sonic emotional resonance that convey the meaning of ‘Hope’. The single is simply beautiful as it is similar to a musical space journey worth embarking upon, promoting hope to mankind. “Hope” is also a song that’s part of his recent EP release “Lost Tapes”. He wanted to explore different and newer sounds compared to his previous works. It’s experimental and the goal was simple, to make music that he could connect with, without worrying about pleasing any potential listeners or playlisters.

“This is one of my favorite tracks from the EP “Lost Tapes”, it reminds me of a time in my childhood where I would run in the fields without a care in the world and it felt so free.” – Pressure Kay

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Pressure Kay (Artist Info)

Hailing from Malaysia, Benjamin Bin Jie Oh, known as his stage name Pressure Kay has carved through the music industry as an engineer, producer, DJ and Artist. His artist and DJ persona is heavily influenced by the electronic and dance music scene and has released multiple EPs in his artist career with genres such as Trap, Future Bass, Moombahton, Bass House, and many more. Pressure Kay also runs a DJ mix show “Hyperspace Radio” on Apple Podcasts where he plays the latest music and also has guest mixes that feature other DJs.

Although his artist and DJ persona is heavily influenced by the electronic and dance music scene, he also works as an engineer for Hyperspace Studio in Hong Kong, where his skills go further beyond that, with several projects including alternative rock, pop, hip-hop, and even acoustic acts.