Meewash’s Tropical House Track Brings A Lot of Warmth And Joy to The Heart Of The Listeners.

Meewash’s tropical house track brings a lot of warmth and joy to the hearts of the listeners. As the title suggests, the sounds of the piano and synthesizers put us in a mood that can be easily compared with the observation of the beautiful valley from the hill of dreams. Meewash, in the song, shows his openness and lightness with which he can compose blissful and calming melodies. The purpose of the song is to improve the mood of the listener, put him in a happy mood, and allow him to plunge into a world of peace and joy. Note the pace of 110 BPM, which, combined with the Tropical House style and all the artist’s skills can take us on a wonderful journey through our dreams and fantasies.

The artists assured us that he was planning to release the entire album in the Tropical House style and noted that this was just the beginning of a beautiful saga and wonderful moments.