Middle of Maddness, A Trio of Talented Musicians, Introduces Their New Debut Album “In The Crazy”

Middle of Maddness's album "In the Crazy"
Middle of Maddness's album "In the Crazy"

December 18th, 2020, Middle of Maddness, a trio of talented musicians based in Memphis, Tennessee, introduces their “crazy” new debut album “In the Crazy”, which breathes new life into the zest of rock and roll. The multi-talented musicians include Zak, Eli, and Joe, making the band’s latest debut album into a reality. The album features eccentric musical arrangements and musical composition which provide a sufficient amount of individuality and freshness in a group of rising musicians. In the album, the crisp vocals, amazing guitar riffs, and precision of the drums spark the light of professionalism as each of the members in the group has his own unique set of skills. The lyrics and storytelling are also well crafted throughout the whole album, which sets up the tone and mood of each track. The 11 track album does not fail to impress the listeners as they rejuvenate the true essence of rock music.

The story of Middle of Madness came after Zak when he started using a friend’s studio back in his collegiate days for one of his music projects, making it a turning point for him to discover his passion for songwriting and producing. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to connect with Eli when he was working to get extra income for his college ventures and this is when they start playing music together while doing work for him on his farm. Also, Joe met Eli through his sister-in-law when he moved back to Memphis recently. What started as some jamming and whatnot soon led to tracking riffs and writing arrangements. All of this occurred during the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, which in conjunction with multiple other crazy events happening at the same time, they took the name Middle of Maddness and the rest is history.

The album “In the Crazy” is available now on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms. Follow Middle of Maddness’s social media for more information and to stay updated.