Minneapolis-based Electronic Music Producer, Hades Drops His Latest Enthralling Single "On My Own"

Hades is an electronic music producer based in Minneapolis, USA. Driven by his deep passion for music, Hades is always looking for ways to evolve his capabilities in music production and to push it to new limits in order to attract the audience’s heart. Moreover, Hades tends to create an immersive musical experience of electronic sound modulations and formidable tunes, making him one of the most promising fresh talent. With his charismatic and artistic ability, he is ready to impress his fans through an enticing journey of electronic music production.

His musical production journey started after attending a Tiesto concert in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, where he is able to experience the nostalgic classical electronic anthems he grew up with for the first time in a live concert. It was love at first sight and a defining moment for Hades, who would spend the next years experimenting with various genres. In 2019, Hades ran into the wave-related genre sound for the first time, and those same emotions that he experienced in 2011 came rushing back and made him realize that it was time to take his music production career to the next level. Wave music offered the perfect window, one that allows the merging of different genres and through which a new story can be told every time.

"On My Own" is Hades' second major release. It blends atmospheric soundscapes with trance and bass music. It features superb vocals, melodic leads, and massive synths with strong basslines. "I see my music as a form of storytelling. I want the listeners to wonder what I am feeling as I write music", said Hades. He also added that "and yet experience their emotions and perceive the story of the track as their own, something they can relate to. This approach also enables me to keep my style of production constantly evolving. Emotional exploration takes precedence over commercial or established sounds."

"On My Own" is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Hades on Instagram and SoundCloud for more updates on upcoming projects.