Multifaceted Artist, MOMEMSA Drops His Latest Album, “S.O.L” Known As (Save Our Love).

Multifaceted artist, MOMEMSA drops his latest album, “S.O.L” known as (Save Our Love). Hailing from Mauritius, the artist has perfected a sensational and vibrant sound, inspired by different types of genres, such as Seggae, Reggae, and Folk. Our personal favorite from this beautiful full-length album of eight songs is ‘Zoli swaré’. MOMEMSA takes on the extra depths of the emotive performance across the entire track, showing his brilliant way of presenting the song with well-executed vocal performance and stunning musical arrangement. The melody is groovy and beautiful, featuring gentle acoustic vibes with smooth vocals, giving the audience the perfect hook that conveys a strong sense of musical identity. The song is simply flavourful with a beautiful embrace for the listeners to enjoy.

‘Zoli swaré’ of the S.O.L album is available now on major music streaming platforms. Follow Momemsa on Apple Music and Spotify to stay up to date.