Multitalented Artist, Astro Raph Drops A Massive New Single “Save U Later”

Astro Raph - Save U Later

Jacob Shier, professionally known as Astro Raph, drops a massive new single “Save U Later” via Trax Mission Records, Italy (an offshoot of legendary Chicago House label Trax Records). "Save U Later” is a pristine example of Astro Raph’s distinctive sound, a hypnotic blend of sultry and energy-driven deep house.

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"Save U Later" is also rife with the gritty and deep house flair that is synonymous with Trax Records, a record label that has become a bona fide tastemaker in the music industry. The laidback deep house groove within the track is made to uplift the spirits of casual listeners and party ravers. It features lush pads, analog bittersweet melodies, and a warm bassline, which emit classic vibes to the track. Astro Raph is eager to champion and attract new fans once the track is officially released on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. He also mentioned that “It's also the 'B-side' of the Axe God EP".

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