Mushrm & Sound of Sun Presents a Sensational Remix on “Unknowingly Said Goodbye” by Sarah Bailey

Mushrm & Sound of Sun’s newly released remix “Unknowingly Said GoodBye” by Sarah Bailey presents sensational pop and electronic vibes. The rising music duo Mushrm & Sound of Sun collaborate with fellow artist Sarah Bailey for a remix of her single, “Unknowingly Said GoodBye”, that delivers a unique scope of modern-day pop after discovering Sarah Bailey singing her new single "Drops Of Liquor" through TikTok. Blown away by her vocal ability and the sound of her voice, the challenge for a remix is accepted by the music duo. The track revolves around the theme of heartbreak and love, where it brings the audience through an emotional journey weaved with melodic electronic tunes. Also, the lyrical verses brought the immersive experience to the audience, while both Mushrm & Sound of Sun show their best efforts to redefine the song with a different perspective of creativity and enlightenment, as a new renewed vigour.

The Remix starts with a catchy guitar rhythm that makes your body sway, which creates a unique atmosphere. Sarah's vocals truly capture the listener's attention right off the bat! With emotional and moving lyrics, the audience can't help but want to hear more. The beat changes multiple times with melodic precision, progressing into a chill but energetic tropical house drop. Overall, the song has a catchy vibe and is very relatable for anyone going through a break-up.

The story behind “Unknowingly Said Goodbye” Remix

"Wow, how TikTok has the ability to bring artists together these days", said Mushrm. It all starts when

accepted saying "Cool, I have never had one of my songs remixed". They decided to remix "Unknowingly Said Goodbye" released by Sarah in 2020. Mushrm & Sound Of Sun got to work right away and within a couple of weeks, the song was ready! Mushrm and Sarah jumped onto skype to meet for the first time! Sarah loved hearing one of her songs remixed and was happy how it turned out. "I love it!" She told Mushrm.