Nils Wandrey Is All Set To Make Waves With His Latest Rock Single ,"Become Who I Am"

Nils Wandrey - Become Who I Am
Nils Wandrey - Become Who I Am

Nils Wandrey, who specializes in rock music, is all geared up to take the music industry by storm with his smooth vocal harmonies and energetic music compositions as if it is full of the joys of spring. The rock and roll artist took full advantage of the treasured time during the Covid-19 pandemic and came up with an engaging initiative by constructing a fruitful series of songs that will subsequently be made available every Friday throughout the year 2021. Today, Wandrey will be unveiling "Become Who I Am", the first release of the series of highly-anticipated songs. By possessing rock rhythms with such effervescence, he certainly pours his latest music with alternative rock vibes, intriguing story-telling, and poignant songwriting to make this beautiful single a reality.

“It is about becoming who you really are and daring to go for that dream. At some point we're all stuck in life and have bills to pay or maybe late with taxes or get annoyed easily because we're not happy... this song is about reminding oneself to ride the rollercoaster called life to become who you want to be... are you who you want to be yet?” - Nils Wandrey

The life-related single is simply entertaining as Nils Wandrey etched out authentic yet crisp rock and roll sounds with a powerful take on being true to yourself, adopting self-love, becoming who you are, and daring to chase for that dream. The underlying message of the song, "Become Who I Am", also includes that one should persevere in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success, by showing what you are truly capable of and becoming the real you. Also, the authenticity expressed by Wandrey can be felt through the emotion of the single, providing listeners the original form of enthusiasm when he wrote the song. His melodic embrace on the guitar emits the true essence of rock and roll music, leading the whole tone of the track.

Towards the end of the track, the talented artist took a unique approach by changing to a much mellow-sounding and euphonious musical instrumental, which slows down the intensity of the track, creating a slow burn of artistry tune that is exquisitely pleasing to the ears. The unique transition of the track totally ignited a whole new world to the artist’s creative reach and has expanded his utmost capabilities in terms of musical arrangement. Moreover, the addictive guitar riffs create extra depth along with the relentless beats of the drums, thoughtful lyrics, and dynamic vocals. His charismatic-like energy and alluring voice while having the lyrics meander in several intriguing ways from different perspectives are going to be most talked about this year.

“I hope my new music touches a few people, makes them happy, or helps them through sadness, or they just crank it up and nod along in their car, forgetting about their daily routine for a while... It's a freakin' rollercoaster ride.” - Nils Wandrey

“Become Who I Am” is available now on all major music streaming platforms. Follow Nils Wandrey on his Instagram, Twitter to stay up-to-date.